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"Inspiring & Motivating. This is not just a Masterclass, this is a Movement"

- Earth Citizen.

Inspire & elevate your team to great Earth Citizenship,

transforming your entire ecosystem into a Conscious Corporation.


Lunch & Learn, afterwork workshop, private talk,

the experience is flexible and adaptable to your needs and availabilities.


Whether we embrace it or not (yet), we all are Earth Citizens.

The Earth is our home, and our home is in danger. Climate Emergency is real, but what are we supposed to do?

We need to understand the value of our lives and the connectedness to the Earth to become great Earth Citizens.

I am here to guide you, with humility, simplicity and optimism!

Through educative, empowering and inspiring content, the Earth Citizenship Masterclass will take you on a journey to Self Love and Earth Love. Support your transition toward a Mindful, Minimalist and Low Impact Lifestyle, totally GUILT-FREE!


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