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“I no longer trust brands that are not in a certain way involved in a cause to save the Planet, and i AM PROBABLY NOT THE ONLY ONE”

Léa Candon is an activist who passionately advocates for the rights of the environment and its wildlife.

She is a visionary woman who loves creating, connecting and fighting for the preservation of the Earth.

Léa grew up in Paris and early developed a strong interest in analyzing situations and creating adapted solutions to existing problems. She nurtured a deep love for nature, animals, traveling, learning new cultures and languages. In 2014, she graduated with Master of Science in International Brand Marketing and began studying and working throughout France, Spain, the U.S, and Canada. Then, she started a career in Marketing and Sales, learned how to design, sell and promote brands, build marketing strategies that target niche demographics, manage teams, expand and develop businesses abroad. During this time she would discover she needed to serve a higher purpose that mattered and made sense for her, and for all.

She decided to educate herself about the damages of industrialization, production and consumption on the planet and living beings. At this point, Léa realized that sustainable actions need to be massively undertaken to reverse the trend. Transforming her lifestyle was her first step and “vote” in favor of the Planet. After volunteering in an Elephant shelter in Thailand in 2016, she discovered the purpose she has been seeking for years: she was an activist and wanted to wake up every morning to dedicate her resources and energy to lead the way and make a change!

BRAVE WORLDWIDE was founded in New York City in 2018.

Léa's mission is to transform how people behave while increasing their daily commitment and responsibility toward the environment, and enhance human solidarity. She believes sticking together is the most powerful progress we can make to leave a positive mark for next generations. She knows everyone can not only make a change, but fulfill themselves in being more compassionate and give back to mother nature all the treasures she gives us, without compromising our living standards!


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